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Our mission is to develop and promote research-driven solutions to address global sourcing and offshore investment challenges, applying an underlying ESG lens to sourcing and investment decisions, promoting inclusive and sustainable global trade and investment to the benefit of the global economy at large.

Our Vision

At SourcingHaus, our vision is to elevate the procurement function into a powerful agent of change, critical partner, and enabler of organizational sustainability, resilience, and innovation. We are committed to empowering the procurement function as a strategic partner that supports the delivery of organizational sustainability commitments and accelerates the global transition towards a zero-carbon, socially responsible, and climate-resilient economy.

We recognize the growing global momentum and commitment towards sustainable procurement across all sectors, driven by new national net-zero targets, deepening national legislation on human rights due diligence in supply chains, and the increasing urgency of climate change. Private and public organizations alike are required to navigate new regulatory requirements to avoid material and reputational pitfalls, respond to consumer-driven sustainability expectations, and meet increasingly higher sustainability standards to sustain market growth and ensure talent retention.

At SourcingHaus, we are committed to supporting organizations in meeting these challenges and achieving their sustainability objectives through strategic procurement and sustainable sourcing practices. We believe that procurement can be a powerful force for change, and we are dedicated to ensuring that it is integrated into the strategic objectives of every organization we partner with.

Our Expertise includes;

Sustainable Procurement practices and solutions

Establishing sustainability risk visibility in organizational procurement portfolios and delivering procurement strategies to optimize sustainability outcomes.

Navigating reporting and disclosure requirements

Supporting organisations in navigating emissions and due diligence reporting and disclosure requirements.

Effective Procurement Risk Management

Developing comprehensive procurement risk management solutions at all levels of procurement business processes to safeguard company risk exposure.

Climate Solutions & Eco-Technologies Research

Mapping of emerging innovation solutions and eco-technologies available to support the transformation of global supply chains and company procurement outcomes.

For more information on our services, please email [email protected]